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Jeonsoft Corporation offers a wide variety of Philippine payroll products to support all your HR needs from timekeeping to Payroll reports and Computation.
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philippine payroll process

How the Magic Happens?

How we prepare philippine payroll in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Manage Time Records and Attendance

Step 2

Process and Finalize Time Records

Step 3

Generate and Process Payroll

Step 4

View and Generate Reports

Philippine Government Compliant
Payroll Solutions

BIR reports

Updated BIR Reports

Compliant to new BIR Reports such as 1601-C, 1601-EQ, 1601-FQ and other latest mandated updates in BIR Forms.

BIR reports

TRAIN Law 2019

Supports new policies following Train Law 2019 for implementing new tax policies for Filipino employees.


New Maternity Leave

Provides a system that outlines the benefits of those employees expected to give birth in accordance with legislative guidelines.

New PHIC Policy

New PHIC Policy

Follows the new PhilHealth contribution schedule that provides employees immediate eligibility to benefits.

HR Software that's BEST for you


JeonSoft Payroll Suite is the leading Philippine Payroll Software. Composed of major modules all rolled into one complete software. The system automates payroll computation while making recording and retrieval of employee records fast and easy.

JeonSoft Business Suite is your One System Solution® for your entire business needs. Composed of Purchasing Module, Sales Module, POS Module, Accounting Module, Inventory Module and Banking Module all integrated into one single system for Business Enterprises.

JeonSoft Loan Management System specializes in handling Financial Loan Businesses. It was designed to track down the detailed money transactions from the time the borrower walks in to the time the borrower completes all the payments