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JeonSoft Payroll Suite

JeonSoft Payroll Suite is a solution that includes HR, Timekeeping and Payroll modules which are optimized for efficient and seamless processing from employee record management to time attendance monitoring to payroll computation.

JeonSoft Loan Management

JeonSoft Loan Management includes various modules for encoding, recording, updating and monitoring loan transactions. This software specializes in handling financial loan businesses and can handle OFW (Overseas Foreign Worker) loans, car loans, business loans or property loans. It is designed to track down the detailed money transactions from the time the borrower walks in to the time the borrower completes all the payments. JLMS increases speed and efficiency in overall operation.

Jeonsoft Business Suite

JeonSoft Business Suite is a collection of systems for ERP, POS, Fixed Asset, Inventory and Accounting. With such integrated system and central storage of all data.


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