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JeonSoft Payroll Suite - Complete Payroll Software

Our flagship payroll is an on-premise software that goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring Philippine government and TRAIN compliance for a seamless payroll processing experience. JeonSoft Payroll Suite is a comprehensive package, featuring three major modules: the Time Attendance System, Payroll System, and HRIS System—all integrated into one powerful solution.

JeonSoft Web Recruitment

A game-changer in payroll solutions


Our desktop application ensures that your payroll data is securely housed on your premises, providing you with direct control and accessibility whenever you need it

Government compliant

Our software is designed with a deep understanding of local compliance standards, ensuring that your payroll processes align seamlessly with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and other relevant authorities

The complete package for payroll processes

From employee onboarding to tax compliance, our software covers every aspect of payroll management

Security you can trust

Our commitment to data security ensures confidentiality, integrity, and compliance with industry standards

Revolutionize your payroll management with confidence

A payroll solution that brings you advantages

Managing payroll stands as an essential element in the success of any business, and the intricacies can be overwhelming. This includes payroll management, time and attendance tracking, and detailed payroll reporting.

Our payroll software handles the complexities for you – from gross-to-net calculations to tax computations. Our commitment extends to maintaining strict adherence to regulatory compliance, ensuring that your business operates seamlessly within the bounds of the law.

JeonSoft Payroll Suite
JeonSoft Payroll Suite

Leverage reports for strategic planning

Make data-driven decisions with ease. Harness the power of real-time analytics and reporting, providing valuable insights into your payroll processes.

Tailor your reporting experience to match your business goals. Our software offers customizable reporting solutions, allowing you to focus on the metrics that matter most to your strategic objectives. No more one-size-fits-all – make reports work for you.

Unlock seamless integration with our on-premise payroll software

Elevate your payroll experience with a software solution that goes beyond the basics. Our cutting-edge Payroll Software boasts multiple integrations, seamlessly connecting crucial aspects of your business operations for unparalleled efficiency

JeonSoft ESS
ESS for Employee Empowerment

Empower your workforce with Employee Self-Service (ESS) integration. Allow employees to access their payroll information, tax forms, and more, enhancing transparency and reducing administrative overhead. Put control in the hands of your team

JeonSoft Biometrics
Biometrics for Precision and Security

Embrace the future of time and attendance tracking with our biometrics integration. Enhance accuracy and security by seamlessly incorporating biometric data into your payroll processes. Say goodbye to manual timekeeping and hello to precision

JeonSoft Web Bundy
Bundy Clock for Time Efficiency

Streamline timekeeping with Bundy Clock integration. Effortlessly capture employee working hours and synchronize data from your mobile devices directly into the payroll system. Eliminate manual entry, reduce errors, and optimize time management

JeonSoft Payroll Suite
Customizable for Your Unique Needs

Tailor the software to match your business ecosystem. Our customizable integration options ensure compatibility with your existing systems and future growth plans. Adapt the software to your unique needs seamlessly

JeonSoft Payroll Suite
Scalability for Growing Businesses

As your business evolves, so do your integration needs. Our scalable solution grows with you, accommodating new integrations to keep pace with the expanding demands of your organization

Manage payroll all in one place

On-premise payroll software
Integrated solutions for unified operations
Complete payroll process in a click
JeonSoft Payroll Suite
Build a Better World One Paycheck at a Time

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