JeonSoft Payroll Suite

Does your payroll has it all or you keep on asking for more? When it comes to payroll, don’t settle for anything less, CHOOSE JEONSOFT PAYROLL SUITE.

JeonSoft Payroll Suite is the leading payroll software in the Philippines. It is composed of three major modules namely the Time Attendance System, Payroll System and HRIS System: all rolled into one complete package. The system automates payroll computation while making recording and retrieval of employee records fast and easy.

After Sales Service

A Yearly Subscription of after sales services which is paid at the end of each month. Service packs, bug fixes, enhancement, minor report modification and minor adjustments to the system will be free in this package. Major modules enhancement will be subject for further negotiations.

    Inclusive of the following:

  • JeonSoft Email Support (9am – 5pm Mon-Fri)
  • Phone Support (9am – 5pm Mon-Fri)
  • Dial up / Internet Remote Administration Support
  • Business Process / Software Application Training
  • Database Maintenance / Cleanup
  • Updates for all SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-Ibig and Tax Tables and Reports
  • Service Pack Updates
  • Enhancement Pack Updates
  • Free Six (6) MAX Onsite Visit Per Year
  • 300 Man-Hours Work Allocation Per Year


Time Attendance System
General Features

  • Time Card Entry (Daily Entry or Summary Entry per Payroll Period)
  • Time Attendance Text File Import (From other bundy clocks)
  • Overtime Filing and Approval
  • Leave Filing and Approval
  • Change Shift Filing and Approval
  • Official Business Filing and Approval
  • Timelog Filing and Approval
  • Shift Schedule (Per Date Range, Weekday, or Monthly Scheduling Per Employee)
  • User Editable Holidays and Special Holidays Entries
  • Grace Period Setting
  • Flexi-Time Setting
  • TIme Round Setting for Overtime, Tardy and Undertime (Round up or down)
  • Minimum minutes to be considered OT settings
  • Auto deduct Lunch and Coffee Break Setting
  • Fulfil Core-Hours Settings
  • Basic, Overtime, Night Differential, Night Differential Overtime
  • Preapproved and Offset Overtime
  • Regular, Special, Regular Holiday, Special Holiday on Restday and Regular Holiday on Restday Settings Leave Accrual, Adjustment and Forfeiture

Human Resource
Information System
General Features

  • Employee master file
  • Employee personal information
  • Employee tax information
  • Employee dependents
  • Employee previous employers
  • Employee leave balances
  • Employee leave ledger
  • Employee loan profile
  • Employee medical record
  • Employee educational background
  • Employee certifications
  • Employee training record
  • Employee awards
  • Employee professional organizations
  • Employee work experiences
  • Employee skills
  • Examinations taken by employee
  • Employee employment history
  • Employee department transfer history
  • Employee promotions history
  • Employee employment type history
  • Employee location change history
  • Employee cost center change history
  • Employee accountability records
  • Employee disciplinary actions records
  • Employee Medical Profiles

Payroll System General Features

  • Unlimited Number of Users
  • Unlimited Number of Departments
  • Unlimited Number of Positions
  • Unlimited Number of Employee Types
  • Unlimited Number of Cost Centers
  • Unlimited Loan Entries
  • Eight Extra Custom Groupings
  • Eight Extra Custom Fields
  • Five Extra Custom Dates
  • Daily, Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Every Two Weeks, Monthly Pay Frequency
  • Hourly Rate, Daily Rate or Flat Rate Pay Type
  • User Defined Payroll Templates
  • Reimbursement Filing
  • Supports other currencies


  • User Editable Phil Health Table
  • User Editable SSS Table
  • User Editable Pag-ibig HDMF Table
  • User Editable TAX Tables
  • User Editable De Minimis Table
  • Beginning Year To Date entries (up to 3 previous employers)
  • Supports Monthly Remittance Return, Monthly Alphalist and Annual Alphalist
  • SSS Sickness and Maternity Reimbursement
  • Supports Premium Remittances for SSS, PhilHealth and Pag-Ibig
  • Supports Loan Remittances for SSS and Pag-Ibig


  • Unlimited Number of Bonuses and Earnings
  • Unlimited Number of Leaves Creation
  • Maintains Vacation Leave Filing and Approval
  • Maintains Sick Leave Filing and Approval
  • Maintains Emergency Leave Filing and Approval
  • Maintains Maternity Leave Filing and Approval
  • Convert Leaves to Cash Option
  • ECOLA Field
  • Commissions and Piece Rate Computations
  • 13th Month Computation
  • Retirement / Final Pay
  • User configurable if Earning is TAXABLE, SSS, PHILHEALTH, HDMF
  • Tax Shielding Feature
  • User specified frequency of Recurring Income


  • Unlimited Number of Loan Types
  • Unlimited Number of Deduction Types
  • Maintains Loan amortization and balances
  • User specified frequency of Recurring Loan and Deductions
  • Undertime and Absences deductions

Other Features

  • Tax Projection Capability
  • Check, Cash, Bank ATM Payment Mode
  • General Ledger Entries Export
  • All Grid Reports can be exported to Text File, HTML or Microsoft Excel
  • Multiple Pay Slips to choose from
  • Email Payslip
  • Logs Management
  • Analysis and Exception Reports, Charts, Certificates, Letters
  • Medical Profiles and Reports
  • Editable Certificate and Letter Templates

Employee Self Service

FILE-SUBMIT-APRROVE. Why bother HR Management when you can do it yourself? Your filing is just a click away!

Employee Self Service Kiosk is a self-servicing portal that enable employees using JeonSoft Payroll Suite to see their 201 Information, check loan status, file overtime, leaves, and official business trips (OB), and view own attendance records, personal payroll register and reports allowed by the management. It also enable the employees to print their own pay slips which cut cost on the administration.



  • Check personal 201 information
  • File for Overtime
  • File for Leave
  • File for OB (Official Business)
  • File for Loan
  • File for Change Schedule
  • File for Time Log
  • Check Leave Balances and Ledger
  • Check Personal Attendance records
  • Check Personal Loan Records
  • Check Personal Payroll Register
  • Check SSS, PhilHealth and Pag-Ibig Contributions
  • View or Print Payslip
  • View or Export Payroll Register
  • And many more features to come…

Approving Supervisor

  • Approve the Overtime Filing
  • Approve Leave Filing
  • Approve Official Business Filing
  • Approve Change Schedule Filing
  • Approve Timelog Filing
  • And many more features to come…

Immediate Supervisor

  • View subordinate’s daily time record and timesheets
  • View subordinate’s leave ledger and leave balances
  • View subordinate’s tardiness per day/minute
  • View subordinate’s hours rendered per day
  • Assign subordinate's shift schedule
  • Subordinate calendar

Other Features

  • Team Calendar
  • Upload Attachments
  • View Subordinate Daily Time Record and Timesheets
  • View Subordinate Leave Ledger and Leave Balances
  • View Subordinate Tardiness Per Day/Per Minute, Hours Rendered Per Day
  • Assign Subordinate Shift Schedule
  • Email notification to Employee and Approver
  • User friendly view of Employee Filings and Notifications
  • And many more features to come…

JeonSoft Web Recruitment

Job posting is not that boring. Make the search for your company’s next employee more exciting!

JeonSoft Web Recruitment is designed to provide you an interactive recruitment system. This is used for online job postings and applications. You can also generate reports from this useful recruitment system.


Applicants Page

  • Recruitment Form
  • Personal Information
  • Contact Information
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Skills
  • Character References
  • Job Preferences
  • And other additional details

Employers Account

  • Job Postings
  • Create Exams
  • Create Interview Types
  • Create Employment Types
  • Define Work Locations
  • Can Generate Reports
  • Can Search Applicants
  • Can Configure Email and SMS Network notifications
  • And other features to explore


  • Post Jobs
  • Manage Jobs
  • Manage Applicants
  • Create Exams and exam Categories
  • Create Interview Types
  • Requirement List
  • Employment Types
  • Work Locations
  • Shifting Work
  • Generate list of Applicants
  • Search Applicants
  • End of Contract Reports
  • Exam Results Reports